Sands of Aura will launch its prime-down Souls-like RPG on Steam Early Access

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Sands of Aura alterations the point of view of the Souls-like, taking it from the third-individual viewpoint to a prime-down presentation. Development studio Chashu Entertainment announced in the course of the Freedom Games E3 Showcase today that it is launching into Steam Early Access in either late 2021 or early 2022.

Sands of Aura requires spot in Talamhel, a world warped by the Night Plague, which struck centuries ago. Seas of sand fill the world, and its individuals use ships that sail on the dunes (image the landships from Netflix’s Shadow &amp Bone). You’re a member of the Order of Remnant Knights, and you sail to distinct islands, which function like dungeons. There, you fight the humans and monsters that the Night Plague corrupted, searching for to cleanse Talamhel of the rot.

It performs a lot like Dark Souls. The Bell replaces the campfires, resetting the world when you ring it.

Chashu (yes, they like barbecue pork, but the name comes from CEO/producer Eric Zhang’s gamer deal with) has made one game prior to, Deputy Dangle. The studio stated its core group and some freelancers (12 in all) have been working on Sands of Aura considering that 2017.

One of the most intriguing elements of Sands of Aura is its weapon crafting program. You can combine numerous weapon sorts, which determines your fighting style. You get started with your weapon deal with and then add distinct weapon sorts to it. In my presentation, the Sands crew made a polearm blending elements of flails and glaives.

You also get perks. Chashu showed off one in which daggers fly out in a circle about you, going off about 20% of the time when you attack. You choose up runes that improve your stats, pointing you in the path of numerous character builds. And you uncover scrolls to obtain blessings from the church, your allies in the order.

Image Credit: Chashu Entertainment

Another neat aspect is that you can attack friendly characters, but if you kill them, they’re gone. So this robs you of possible upgrades and loot.

Chashu also added random art pieces and other goodies to encourage players to choose into the nooks and crannies of Talamhel’s islands.

The studio stated it is going into Early Access in portion to get feedback for how the weapons, runes, and other systems work collectively. As I watch them outfit characters, it did really feel a bit complicated, so Chashu hopes that feedback will support it smooth out rough edges in combat and character development.

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