Samsung updates Sound Assistant module for its Good Lock app: Report

Samsung has updated the Sound Assistant module for its Good Lock app that comes with a “stabilisation for GTS support”.

According to SamMobile, Sound Assistant allows users to customise sound settings on their Samsung smartphone at a much deeper level than the built-in settings in One UI.

For example, users can customise the layout of the volume panel, apply themes to it, adjust the volume for each app, apply effects to their voice, adjust the audio delay between the phone and audio devices, and play audio from multiple sources at the same time.

Sound Assistant is now one of the Good Lock modules that support the Galaxy to Share (GTS) feature, which allows users to share the module’s settings with other Galaxy users, according to the report.

This will allow users to share the settings that they have on their Sound Assistant app with other Samsung smartphone users.

Users can update or download the app from Good Lock (via Galaxy Store).

Earlier this week, Samsung released an update to the beta version of its web browser ‘Samsung Internet’ for Android devices, which offers new features to make browsing more easier and secure for users.

The first feature provides users the ability to search bookmarks folder and tab groups in the browser.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz