Samsung takes a stab at its own immersive metaverse store

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The “Walmart metaverse” was trending on Twitter yesterday from the resurfacing of a 2017 video that made online shopping in a 3D store seem … not so fun.

But Samsung Electronics America is opening the virtual doors to Samsung 837X: an immersive metaverse experience that will teleport you into the flagship store in the heart of New York City’s meatpacking district. And yes, you can pick up your NFTs in the virtual store.

Samsung 837X will be open in Decentraland for a limited time, and that blockchain-powered virtual world is one of the closest things we have to a metaverse platform now. That’s why Samsung chose it as a destination for a limited time.

Samsung’s experience is one of the largest brand land takeovers in the history of Decentraland. Guests can virtually experience the physical Samsung 837 building, including the façade and a larger-than-life three-story screen.


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Samsung sees the “metaverse experience” as an experiential playground for people to discover the amazing possibilities when technology and culture collide. It combines art, fashion, music, and sustainability.

“At Samsung 837X, we’re excited tell our connectivity, sustainability and customization stories in a novel way, in a one-of-a-kind space,” said Michelle Crossan-Matos, senior vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Samsung Electronics America, in a statement. “The metaverse empowers us to transcend physical and spatial limits to create unique virtual experiences that could not happen otherwise. Innovation is in our DNA, and we can’t wait for you all to experience this burgeoning virtual world.”

Image Credit: Samsung

Fans can wander through the Connectivity Theater and Sustainability Forest to complete quests that lead to 837X NFT badges and limited-supply wearables, and then they can celebrate at the 837X Customization Stage with a mixed reality live dance party with producer, DJ, and Vibraphonist, Gamma Vibes.

The metaverse platform offers a novel and engaging way for Samsung to tell its brand stories, especially around connectivity, customization and sustainability. Throughout the coming year, Samsung plans to bring the Samsung 837X experience to more people in more metaverses, with different experiences.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz