Samsung Neo QLED QN90A Television evaluation – Bright and attractive mini LEDs

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The Samsung Neo QLED QN90A is one of the leading gaming TVs you can get appropriate now. It excels in contrast, brightness, HDR, and nearby dimming thanks to its mini LED back panel. I also actually like its snappy interface as nicely as its sensible design and style.

The Samsung QN90A is obtainable now for in many sizes, but I am testing a 65-inch model that is $2,one hundred on Samsung’s web page.

Starting with the design and style, Samsung makes use of a center-oriented stand that comes down in an L shape. This enables you to match the screen on most surfaces devoid of situation. It also creates a neat small nook for most regular-sized soundbars. I also like the minimalist remote manage — in particular due to the fact the UX is so swift to navigate. I do not like getting to dig into menus to get to settings, but the Television automatically brings up Game Mode information and possibilities when you switch to a console.

The Game Mode is also actually good. While only HDMI 4 makes use of the HDMI 2.1 regular, the rest are HDMI 2.. This suggests that all inputs can automatically switch to and from Game Mode. And the settings bar instantly tends to make it clear if you are having 120Hz and other crucial stats.


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I want the Television had more 2.1 inputs, but if you are having one Television to go with your one PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S or a new GPU, then one input is possibly OK. But the TV’s image is so fantastic that you will generally want to get as substantially out of it as achievable.

That’s a complete lot of vibrant mini LEDs

In terms of photos good quality, the QN90A stands out for its actually fantastic contrast and amazing brightness. While Samsung’s displays can’t compete with OLED in terms of contrast ratio and best blacks, the mini LED tech of the QN90A gets it close. But when it comes to brightness and HDR good quality, Samsung basically simply outperforms the LG CX model I have for comparison.

With nearby dimming on, you get a contrast ratio of about 25,000:1 for the Samsung Television. And you basically can’t simply turn off the nearby dimming. But thanks to the mini LEDs, which Samsung packs behind its show in an array of hundreds, this Television has fantastic nearby dimming with only a minor halo impact. That blooming is a small bit more noticeable in the game mode, which you can see beneath.

But then pair that superb contrast with peak HDR brightness nicely above the gold regular of 1,000 nits, and you have image good quality that leaps off the screen. According to RTings, the show hits 1,862 nits in game mode and 1,800 nits in HDR brightness in other modes. That tracks with what I’m seeing — though I can’t measure it myself. It’s also particularly vibrant for SDR content.

What this suggests is that QN90A is going to make your HDR games look amazing. And it also guarantees that the show functions nicely in a dark area or a vibrant area. In reality, if you mostly play in a area with a lot of windows that gets a lot of sunlight, I believe you unquestionably have to go with a Samsung.

The image quality’s most significant downfalls are actually only noticeable in synthetic scenarios. I noticed some banding in a colour test, but I’ve never ever seen something like that for the duration of video playback or for the duration of gameplay.

1628349608 829 Samsung Neo QLED QN90A TV review Bright and beautiful

Also the screen has decent uniformity, but I noticed some vignetting about the corners for the duration of the uniform gray test. Again, that is not some thing I ever noticed when consuming genuine content.

1628349609 778 Samsung Neo QLED QN90A TV review Bright and beautiful

Finally, the QN90A’s most significant flaw is that it does not assistance Dolby Vision. It can do variable refresh price and the aforementioned automatic low latency mode for Game Mode. But Dolby Vision is an even improved version of HDR, and it is some thing that Xbox Series X/S is having assistance for. During actual use, you most likely will not notice mainly because the QN90A appears so fantastic, but nevertheless — I have an understanding of wanting a Television that supports all of the features of your most current hardware.

The other gaming Television to get

I’m basically torn. I know that the prevalent, accepted wisdom is to choose up the LG CX (or now the C1) OLED tv for gaming. And that is nevertheless a fantastic show for gaming. The OLED image is amazing, and LG supports Dolby Vision and even Nvidia GSync. But I’m a person who actually likes HDR, and I believe the QN90A usually outperforms the LG CX in a Pepsi-challenge-style situation mainly because of its eye-searing brightness.

And as I talked about, if you play in a vibrant area, the Samsung is the should-invest in. If you do not, then the decision is more tough. But I also believe it comes down to taste and your particular situations. If you will need Dolby Vision, then get the LG. If you want that contrast ratio, get the LG CX or C1. If you prioritize HDR, then go with the Samsung.

But as for me, whilst I nevertheless have these sets for testing, I believe I am personally going to decide on the Samsung QN90A. I’m that impressed.

The Samsung QN90A is obtainable now beginning at $1,450 for 50 inches. GamesBeat tested a 65-inch loaner sample, which presently sells for $2,one hundred. 

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