Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Plus images leak ahead of the February 1st launch event

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Like Samsung’s Galaxy S23, the Ultra and Plus seem to share a metal frame and glass cover design that closely resembles the iPhone and pretty much every other slab smartphone from the last few years. Unlike the Galaxy S22 series, all will be available in four of the same colors: black, white, green, and light pink.

The images of Samsung’s S Pen-equipped Galaxy S23 Ultra reveal few differences from the rest of the lineup.

Like the other S23s in these rendered images, the Ultra’s back appears flatter than its predecessor’s, holding five camera sensors — three of which sport larger lenses than the other two — with rings surrounding them. Rumors suggest the Ultra will feature a 200MP camera, making it the first in the Galaxy lineup to do so. It’s also believed to come with improved autofocus and stabilization over the S22 Ultra, which The Verge’s Becca Farsace called the best camera phone of 2022.

The base model and Plus otherwise look very similar in the images, though, traditionally, the Plus, like the Ultra, is larger and more expensive.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus.
Image: Nieuwe Mobiel

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