Samsung announces two new technologies Ready Care, Ready Tune for vehicles

Samsung has announced two new technologies — Ready Care and Ready Tune — for vehicles, in collaboration with its subsidiary brand HARMAN.

Ready Care determines the driver’s physical and emotional condition.

“This solution connects the driver’s personal experiences and the driving environment more organically, wherein the vehicle is able to activate tailored interventions via in-car features according to changes in the driver,” said the company.

Ready Care’s Cognitive Load measurement feature detects the driver’s condition through their facial expression, the gaze of their eyes, the way their eyelids open and more with the help of the newly-developed machine learning technology.

Moreover, Ready Tune, HARMAN’s new car audio technology built with the company’s premium audio performance.

Ready Tune can intelligently adjust sound settings to offer the best possible audio experience.

It enables users to customise immersive, differentiated sound experiences according to their preferences and features Live Mode, which replicates the acoustics of live stadium performances.

Further, Talk Mode enhances spoken content, such as podcasts, audiobooks and phone conversations, through customised filters, and Club Mode provides crisp bass experiences beyond traditional speaker capabilities.

The tech giant also mentioned that it plans to focus on continuing to develop technologies that make its users’ lives even more convenient by organically connecting their in-car experiences with their at-home and daily lifestyles.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz