RIP Blue Screen of Death as Microsoft switches theme colour to black in Windows 11

Microsoft a handful of days back announced the launch of its most current Operating System Windows 11 developing excitement about the brand new features and services. A lot of visual modifications are incoming. Those testing out the developer preview are now reporting that Microsoft is also switching the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” to a Black Screen of Death possibly for consistency.

It is not but clear why the organization is mulling a colour transform in the new Windows, it seems that the organization is in favour of sustaining a uniform theme colour all through most of the interface of Windows 11. Since the Login interface as effectively as Shutdown interface of the new OS is in dense black colour, the organization is prepared to go an additional mile and hold the black colour for all functions in the new Windows.

While the final choice is but to be taken by the organization (given that it is right away not clear if this will make its way to the final version), the discussions amongst tech-loving netizens have currently began as customers are asking yourself if they would be seeking at a black coloured theme with Windows 11. The phrase ‘Blue Screen of Death’ has turn into sort of ubiquitous for Windows customers given that Microsoft launched it with Windows 8. For these unaware of the phrase, the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ in common parlance refers to a technical glitch that devices operating on Windows face leaving customers waiting endlessly for hours just before their program is restored back. With Windows and its features obtaining turn into a ubiquitous component of the lives of so a lot of customers, even the minutest of modifications and alterations planned by the organization will attract sharp scrutiny and interest. According to news reports, barring the theme colour, the organization is not going to make also a lot of modifications in other features of its screen and show.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz