Reposify gets $8.5M to secure customers’ internet-facing assets

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Reposify, which today announced an $8.5 million seed round of funding, said that its platform for external attack surface management (EASM) uses AI to rapidly identify vulnerabilities in a customer’s internet-facing and internal assets. The product automatically prioritizes security issues for an organization and uses its sizable database of internet exposures to tie each exposed asset that is discovered to its associated organizations with “high confidence,” CEO Uzi Krieger told VentureBeat.

The company’s opportunity “lies in our ability to scan and identify assets scattered across on-premise, cloud environments, and third-party vendors,” Krieger said in an email.

Scanning the internet

Reposify’s technology continuously scans the entire internet with its detection engine, which enables the creation of a complete inventory of a customer’s known and unknown assets, he said.

The platform “simplifies how cybersecurity teams manage the exposures and security risks by detecting, alerting, and prioritizing security exposures, so teams know how to manage their day-to-day tasks best,” Krieger said. By doing that, Reposify “enables organizations to evolve freely without compromising security,” he said.

Internet-facing exposure of enterprise assets and systems can bring major risks, security, and otherwise. Thus, external attack surface management, or EASM, focuses on identifying all internet-facing assets, assessing for vulnerabilities, and then managing any vulnerabilities that are uncovered.

For instance, this might include misconfigured public cloud services, servers with inadvertently open ports, or third parties with poor security posture that represents a potential risk. Research firm Gartner, which coined the EASM category, has identified it as a fast-growing space, though also an area that is seeing consolidation of tools.

Reposify competitors include CyCognito, Cyberpion, Censys, Randori, and Sweepatic.

Key capabilities

At the heart of Reposify’s product are AI-driven capabilities, which enable cybersecurity teams to “identify vulnerabilities in a fraction of the time of what was once thought possible,” Krieger said.

The platform leverages what the company calls the “world’s largest database of exposed assets,” based upon Reposify’s engine that indexes more than 1 billion exposed assets per month, he said.

The Reposify product also stands out with simplified deployment, requiring no installation or onboarding process, Krieger said. The platform also scans a customer’s internal network assets, he noted.

The Tel-Aviv, Israel-based company did not disclose specifics on its customer traction so far, but said that large companies in financial technology, gaming, and software are among its customers.

Founded in 2017, the 20-person company had previously been self-funded prior to this seed round of funding. Investors in the round include Joule Ventures and First Rays Venture Partners.

The funding will be used for the expansion of the startup’s R&D team and expansion of sales efforts in North America.

Reposify’s founder is chief technology officer Yaron Tal, who previously cofounded the cybersecurity vendor 6Scan.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz