Report: Privileged access management still absent in 80% of organizations

Nearly 80% of organizations have not implemented — or have only partially implemented — a privileged access management solution.

As organizations become increasingly internet-reliant and networked technical environments, they are faced with defending against evolving ransomware attacks.

Early ransomware attacks primarily targeted organizational data; however, attacks are progressively overtaking systems and networks, which is especially troublesome for the stability of critical infrastructure.

Using data from 100 organizations across multiple critical infrastructure sectors, Axio researchers identified seven key areas where organizations are deficient in implementing and sustaining basic cybersecurity measures. Overwhelmingly, the most concerning finding was a pervasive lack of basic controls over privileged credentials and access — nearly 80% of organizations have not implemented or have only partially implemented privileged access management.

While an element of ransomware exposure is due to factors outside of an organization’s direct control, from a lack of sufficient technologies to employees falling victim to phishing schemes, this report reveals shockingly common failures of basic cybersecurity practices and indicates that highly impactful improvements in ransomware protection may be directly obtained by improving basic cyber hygiene.

Read the full report by Axio.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz

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