Report: Labor market and talent gap cause tech recruiters to consider streamlining their practices

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A tough tech labor market is forcing long-overdue changes to hiring processes, as 57% of tech recruiters are open to removing the CV from the recruitment process, according to a new report by CoderPad and CodinGame.

The report identified new ways that tech recruiters are navigating a tough labor market in which demand outweighs supply. Survey findings reinforce the idea that tech recruiters are hoping to widen the talent pool by decreasing reliance on traditional hiring requirements or limitations. 57% of recruiters are open to removing the CV from the recruitment process, while 40% are hiring internationally for roles in other countries. Additionally, the percentage of recruiters hiring developers from non-academic backgrounds has almost doubled, from 23% to 39% in one year alone.

These changes will have a positive impact on tech hiring overall, as 65% of recruiters believe that bias is an issue in technical recruitment. By prioritizing skills over resumes, companies will not only find the strongest candidates but can add more fairness and transparency to the process. To combat bias, 42% of recruiters use skill-based hiring assessments as their number one measure to improve diversity, followed by: implementing equal pay (32%), proactively sourcing diverse candidates (29%), implementing a strict anti-harassment policy (28%), and increasing awareness on unconscious bias and/or training (28%).

The survey also looked at what developer jobs and skills are most wanted by recruiters with full-stack developers (36%) and back-end developers (35%) being recruiters’ most in-demand profiles for 2022. The top three skills recruiters wish to hire for are web development (58%), DevOps (38%), and AI/ML (30%), which is well-aligned with the top three skills developers are most interested in specializing: AI/ML (41%), web development (37%), and game development (31%).

Read the full report by CoderPad and CodinGame.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz