Report: 95% of businesses will make multicloud a strategic priority in 2022

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According to a recent survey from Valtix, while 95% of businesses are making multicloud a strategic priority in 2022, with security being top of mind (96%), only 54% feel highly confident that they have the tools or skills they need to execute. When it comes to multicloud operations in general, 76% of respondents believe it is “underinvested” at their particular companies.

While leveraging multiple clouds is an advantage for many organizations, managing multicloud security is frequently also taxing to IT teams because it multiplies their tasks, staffing needs, and potential for mishaps. Complexity, varying security protocols, visibility into the performance of multiple apps, talent scarcity, interoperability, and cost controls all enter the picture each time a new cloud does. In conducting this latest research, Valtix wanted to understand how IT teams are dealing with the growing challenge of multicloud management, and what they’re doing to grow and perform better.

The findings indicate that 51% of organizations using one cloud platform say they don’t want to expand to new clouds because of the added security complexity. However, 92% of respondents also believe that they have no choice if they want to meet their business goals. In addition, B2B companies feel more pressure to expand to multicloud than B2C. Valtix research found that B2B companies on one cloud are nearly 60% more likely than B2C companies on one cloud to feel like they have no choice but to expand to multiple clouds.

Expanding to multiple clouds means more scalability and capability, but requires additional staff with specialized resources, adds complexity to everyday operations, and invites security challenges. But with the right tools, leadership, budget, and governance, running multiple clouds can open the door to growth and real competitive advantage.

Valtix commissioned an independent research firm to survey 200 IT leaders in the U.S. about the problems they face with multicloud security, the tools they’re using, the tools they want to use in the future, and the skills they need to scale and secure on multiple cloud platforms.

Read the full report by Valtix.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz