Report: 85% of demand-generation campaigns involve chatbots

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Demand generation is a critical growth strategy for most B2B enterprises. A new survey from Botco AI looked at ways in which artificial intelligence (AI)-based conversational marketing solutions (chatbots) are helping marketers boost their demand generation campaigns. What stood out was the sheer ubiquity of chatbots in demand generation, as 85% of companies leverage chatbot technology today for demand generation campaigns. 

Demand-generation marketers are using chatbots to support a number of goals. According to respondents, the primary benefit of chatbots is the ability to understand audiences better, as questions asked of chatbots and follow-up questions asked by them can shine a crucial light on an audience’s pain points, challenges and uncertainties.

The State of Chatbots in B2B Demand Generation report reveals that marketers have also found great success using chatbots to generate new leads, help educate prospects about their company’s products and services, segment their audience base, build stronger customer relationships, qualify leads for their sales team, and more. 

Perhaps one of the most consequential benefits that marketers derive from chatbots is their ability to increase lead-to-customer conversion rates. Nearly all demand generation marketers that use chatbots (99%) responded that chatbots have increased lead-to-customer conversion rates. More than half (56%) said they’ve seen an increase of 10% or more. 


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Image source: Botco.

The primary channels that B2B marketers are using to generate qualified leads are email, social media, digital advertising, paid search engine marketing, content marketing, organic search engine optimization and webinars. 

Other key findings include:

  • Conversational AI is being used to influence the entire marketing funnel, but especially the middle.
  • B2B marketers running demand generation also use chatbots to help with prospect education (43%), qualifying leads for their sales team (42%), audience segmentation (42%), building stronger customer relationships (42%), and booking demos, meetings or signups (31%).

The survey was based on responses from 1,000 B2B marketing professionals across the U.S. It was conducted in October 2022.

Read the full report from Botco.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz