Report: 78% of orgs have workloads in over 3 public clouds

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A new report by Virtana found that 78% of organizations have workloads deployed in more than three public clouds, and 51% of respondents plan to increase the number of public cloud instances by the end of 2022. As multicloud adoption grows, it is critical for organizations to understand the impact of migrating workloads to the cloud, create a migration strategy and efficiently manage workloads on an ongoing basis to avoid unexpected costs and performance degradation.

For most organizations, 2020 was about getting to the cloud. While most were already on that path, the overnight shift to “remote everything” forced enterprises to accelerate the journey.  2021 unveiled the downsides of the cloud and the repercussions of suboptimal implementations, including skyrocketing costs and performance problems. As organizations continue to look ahead, 2022 is about reimagining hybrid, multicloud strategies and processes.

Tool sprawl was also found as another challenge within managing multicloud environments. The research showed that organizations use a variety of tools to monitor and manage different aspects of their complex hybrid, multicloud environments. For example, 63% of respondents are using more than five tools for migration, cloud cost optimization, IPM, APM and cloud infrastructure monitoring.  This isn’t necessarily a problem as each of these tools provides a specific important function. However, the challenge is that if organizations can’t consolidate data from all these different tools, they cannot get a comprehensive and complete view of their infrastructure. This lack of global visibility creates gaps that can expose an organization to performance, cost and other risks.

As the rapid march to hybrid, multicloud infrastructures continues, enterprises are coming to terms with the challenges of migrating and managing these complex and dynamic environments. Unified visibility and simplified management are critical to implement and enforce the cross-functional accountability and formal governance needed to control cost and risk and realize the maximum benefits of the cloud.

For its report, Virtana commissioned a survey of 360 cloud decision-makers in the U.S. and the U.K. during February and March 2022.

Read the full report by Virtana.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz