Report: 63% of IT leaders say their orgs lack support for cloud resources

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Limited infrastructure capabilities are preventing organizations from moving as quickly as technology leaders would like to. In a recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Quali, 63% of surveyed IT and operations decision-makers at enterprise companies stated their organization lacks the support for a wide variety of cloud resources, which is among one of the top challenges with current infrastructure capabilities.

This is particularly burdensome for organizations that operate in multicloud or hybrid cloud environments. Fifty-eight percent stated that their organization experienced greater risk and incurred additional expenses and unnecessary costs due to the infrastructure capabilities, consequently     limiting the ability to drive innovation. 

With the growing demand for infrastructure automation, organization leaders must assess where their weaknesses are and how those vulnerabilities impact the organization to truly capitalize on infrastructure automation. These companies are eager to leverage infrastructure automation, as it’s believed to help address business risks through improved governance and compliance with stronger vulnerability management support. 

According to the Forrester study, roughly 60% of surveyed IT decision-makers rely on infrastructure lead times, system service levels, and application release cycle time to track KPIs. When it comes to the adoption of infrastructure automation, 46% said their organization is adopting technology to deliver infrastructure and application resources with greater speed and velocity. 

Organizations are prioritizing the ability to increase proactive support and engagement, as well as improve system service levels, application release frequency and cycle times. In the balancing act of addressing business risks, it is also believed infrastructure automation will improve developer efficiency and productivity and offer better time-to-market delivery. 

For the study, 268 global IT and operations decision-makers at enterprise companies were asked to complete a custom survey in January 2022.      

Read the full study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Quali.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz