Report: 60% of IT leaders don’t know which SaaS apps their orgs are using

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According to a new report from Torii, 60% of IT leaders don’t know what cloud apps are being used by everyone in their organization. The findings reveal a concerning picture: although software-as-a-service (SaaS) has forever changed the manner of how we work – remotely and distributed – the way employees work together hasn’t caught up. It’s more fragmented than ever. But few people realize it, including IT leaders.

There is clear dissonance between how well IT thinks they understand their cloud app ecosystems and work with other teams, and the reality. While 90% of IT leaders praised their cross-team collaboration, in actuality only 20% collaborate with any regularity. That’s not nearly enough to get the best value from their SaaS investments.

As the State of SaaS at Work: Collaboration in a Distributed Workplace report suggests, this lack of collaboration may be due to distributed app ownership and the resulting siloed information. IT teams themselves don’t have the critical data that other groups need to reduce costs or work faster and smarter.

Image source: Torii.

Security risks that come with SaaS apps

When collaboration isn’t a given and there’s no reliable single source of truth, everyone is affected. For instance, only 7% of IT continuously work with security and/or compliance teams to help them discover and de-risk shadow IT. This means security and compliance are continuously in reactive mode dealing with risks from apps they didn’t know they had and chasing data for audits.


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Other findings imply that knowledge workers waste time searching for SaaS apps that already exist in the company’s ecosystem. Procurement is often running blind and surprised by contract renewals. 

Much of this stems from employees taking matters into their own hands when it comes to selecting and purchasing the tools they want. In today’s cloud-powered workplaces, IT teams need to shift their mindset from a centralized command-and-control culture to one of an orchestrator and, perhaps, team coach. IT teams and SaaS stakeholders throughout the company must proactively manage distributed cloud applications and spend together or face the negative consequences.


Torii queried 300 IT leaders about the effects of decentralized app purchasing and how SaaS has impacted how they collaborate across the enterprise.

Read the full report from Torii.

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