Report: 50% of execs report improving customer data management is top CX priority

A new Forrester survey commissioned by Capgemini, Salesforce, and MuleSoft reveals that 40% of businesses experience difficulty creating an integrated, 360-degree view of the customer from CRM/customer experience (CX) technology data.

In April 2021, Capgemini, Salesforce, and MuleSoft commissioned Forrester to explore the central needs of modern customer experience and common challenges brands looking to improve CX faced as they emerged from pandemic-related restrictions and attempted to resume business either at or near full capacity.

Among key findings, the top reported challenge in the last year has been uncertainty due to the pandemic. More specifically, companies are struggling to provide a consistent and holistic omnichannel experience for their customers while blending remote and in-person work.

As many as 50% of respondents intend to improve management of customer data as their top CX priority over the next 12 months because they recognize that creating the immersive, personalized, and compelling experiences customers now expect comes from integrated customer data systems, improved uses of customer data to generate insights, and the combination of legacy technology with modern, cloud-based solutions.

However, while gaining a single view of the customer is crucial, beginning the journey is a struggle for many businesses. They are often challenged with garnering executive buy-in and with aligning internal leadership teams to support the adoption of a more holistic platform and strategy.

In order to get CX right, businesses need CRM/CX technologies that identify the same customer across various touchpoints and combine integrated information from both internal and external systems and external information to gain strong customer insights. Additionally, businesses must work closely with IT to develop a roadmap that includes plans for onboarding and integration.

“By designing a CX strategy with complete customer data in mind and bringing IT back into their approach to CRM/CX technologies, companies will be a step closer to gaining a single view of the customer which leads to better all-around CX,” says Jay Rumwell, VP and group partner executive at Capgemini.

The global online survey sampled 426 directors and above in marketing, IT, and line-of-business (LOB) roles who have responsibility for technology purchase decisions and direct ownership of technology project management in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

Read the full report by Forrester.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz