Reliance Jio partners with Gamestream to launch JioGamesCloud: Details here

Reliance Jio on Thursday announced 10-year strategic partnership with France-based cloud gaming solutions provider ‘Gamestream’ to launch India’s home-grown cloud gaming platform – JioGames Cloud.

“India is poised to become a major player in the global video game market and this partnership will see JioGames emerge as a leading cloud gaming player in India. Combining Gamestream’s technological and cloud gaming expertise with Reliance Jio’s massive digital reach and unparalleled customer experience, this partnership will lead the way gaming is defining the cloud-gaming ecosystem at a global scale. Gamestream will enrich JioGamesCloud’s comprehensive library with over 100 cult licences for families and casual gamers alike, with additional games added each month,” said the company in a statement.

JioGamesCloud is Reliance Jio’s cloud gaming service available under the JioGames platform, which is part of Jio Platforms. It is currently live in its public beta. Currently, the JioGamesCloud is available free of cost for a limited period of time across Jio Set Top Box, Android smartphones and select web browsers.

“JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming technology that will be an absolute game-changer for the gaming industry. Intensive graphic-heavy games earlier required expensive hardware requirements in the form of consoles and accessories, but now they can be played directly on the JioGames app without any hardware strings attached, powered by the cloud technology on Android smartphones, Jio Set-Top box and popular web browsers,” added the company.

The JioGamesCloud beta launch happened late last year. In the beta version, the company is offering about 50 games such as Victor Vran, Shadow Tactics, The Uncertain, Flashback, Grid, and more. Below are the steps to sign up for JioGamesCloud service:

Step 1: Go to and click on Get Started button in the top right corner

Step 2: Choose to install ‘JioGames: Play, Win, Stream’ on your Android smartphone by clicking on the ‘Google Play Store’ button or by clicking the ‘Play Now’ button in the ‘Web App’ box on your computer

Step 3: Once done, it will prompt you to add phone number, then tap on ‘Continue’

Step 4: OTP will be sent to your phone number

Step 5: Once the OTP is verified, it will lead you to JioGamesCloud homepage and start playing

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz