Reliance Jio launches JioGamesCloud: What is it, how to sign-up, and more

Reliance Jio has launched the beta version of its cloud gaming platform JioGamesCloud in India. JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming service currently available in beta on the JioGames app for smartphones, web browsers, and the Jio Set Top Box. It is available to users with stable internet connections to stream games directly to any compatible device. The service is currently free and not limited to Reliance Jio customers. The beta version offers about 50 games such as Victor Vran, Shadow Tactics, The Uncertain, Flashback, Grid, and more.

“#JioGamesCloud is available on the JioGames app on smartphones, web browsers, and the Jio Set Top Box.” said Jio in a tweet.

Steps to sign up for JioGamesCloud service

Step 1: Go to and click on Get Started button in the top right corner

Step 2: Choose to install ‘JioGames: Play, Win, Stream’ on your Android smartphone by clicking on the ‘Google Play Store’ button or by clicking the ‘Play Now’ button in the ‘Web App’ box on your computer

Step 3: Once done, it will prompt you to add phone number, then tap on ‘Continue’

Step 4: OTP will be sent to your phone number

Step 5: Once the OTP is verified, it will lead you to JioGamesCloud homepage and start playing

The launch followed reports on sites like Reddit that some users were able to access GeForce Now games on their Jio set-top boxes. Developed by Nvidia, GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform, which Jio appears to have licensed for its own platform.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz