Refurbished iPhone users, here’s how to check your device service history, repair details

Apple has been warning customers against using third-party repairs for its devices and any unknown part used during mending it. Now with the latest iOS 15.2 update users buying second-hand iPhones will be able to know if an iPhone has gone through repairs and if genuine or third-party parts were used. The new feature will also inform if the repaired parts are working fine or not so that customers have a clear account of what they are investing on.

Now the number of details available on repairs will depend on the iPhone model one is buying. iPhone XR, XS, MS Max will show details about the battery while iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will have details about battery, camera, display replacements. iPhone 11 will show battery and display replacement history.

How to check iPhone service history, repair details

  • Open settings and go to General menu
  • Tap on About section on top
  • Look for ‘Parts and Service History’ section

The details will appear. One can also tap on Learn more to known about part replacement

If the phone has not gone through any repair or replacement then the ‘Parts and Service History’ section won’t appear under About section This means a particular iPhone model has never been through any physical damage.

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