Razer debuts new Barracuda wireless gaming headsets

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Razer announced its new, expanded line of Barracuda headsets today. The new headsets are the Barracuda, the Barracuda Pro, and the Barracuda X. Razer says that all of the headsets offer dual wireless connectivity, as well as active noise cancellation and a few other additions. All three launch today.

The two new headsets, the Barracuda and Pro, feature 50mm drivers, integrated beamforming microphones, and dual wireless connectivity. The latter feature, called SmartSwitch, means that users can switch between two connected devices as needed. They also boast a battery life for 40 hours. The two will sell for about $150 and $250 respectively.

The Barracuda X also gets a refresh, and it will also come with the SmartSwitch tech. It has 40mm drivers and a detachable microphone. It also has a slightly more reasonable price tag of about $100, as well as an estimated battery life of 50 hours.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz