Razer announces new partnerships aimed at sustainability

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Razer today announced two new partnerships with Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Panerai today at RazerCon. These new partnerships are aimed at promoting sustainability within the gaming industry.

With UL, Razer intends to develop new Product Category Rules for gaming products. Razer points out that the gaming industry “currently lacks a standardized way to measure an eco-product.” This would rectify that, and it would help provide a way to identify what parts of the industry create the most environmental impact.

The two companies will try to provide an objective standard of measurement for manufacturers of gaming products and to give gamers a way to be more informed about the products they buy and what their impact is.

With Panerai, the luxury watch company, Razer shifts focus to the ocean specifically. The two companies will support a specific cause (they haven’t yet announced what that cause is) and will work to increase ocean literacy.


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These partnerships are part of the brand’s #GoGreenwithRazer sustainability plan, which it outlined earlier this year. Razer had earlier this year partnered with ClearBot to reduce pollution from ocean plastics. In addition, Razer reiterated its intention to use recycled and recyclable products by 2030.

In addition to the new partnerships, Razer is continuing its existing one with Conservation International, with which it partnered last year. Razer has expanded its goal to save 1 million trees with the sales of its Sneki Snek mascot merch. The mascot will also be part of an animated series designed to educate Razer’s audience about sustainability. Razer is developing it in partnership with Franklin Templeton, who will also sponsor the first season.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz