PlayStation VR2 is not compatible with older PSVR titles

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PlayStation confirmed that those who owned the original PlayStation VR are out of luck when it comes to upgrading to the new VR headset. PS VR2 is not compatible with PS VR games. This might be a barrier for those hoping for a smooth transition.

In a recent episode of the official PlayStation podcast, Hideaki Nishino spoke about the development of PS VR2, and confirmed that older games won’t be playable on the new headset. According to Nishino, this is due to the more advanced features in the new headset, including its eye-tracking, haptic feedback and 3D audio. “This means developing games for PSVR2 requires a whole different approach than the original PSVR.”

PS VR2 is set for launch sometime early next year. Sony’s Jim Ryan claims that it’ll have 20 major games at launch. But it will lack some of the classics of the previous library, and at the moment there’s no indication Sony plans to find a way to bridge the gap. The company sold 5 million units of the original headset as of the last report, which means that a lot of users won’t be able to bring their games to the new generation.

One solace for PSVR owners is that Sony is offering a free adapter that makes the PS4 Camera work on the PS5. This means that even users who have upgraded consoles will still be able to use their old headsets on a new console. However, your mileage may vary on how well that serves when upcoming VR games only launch on the new headsets.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz