PlayStation Plus includes Devil May Cry V in January’s second wave

PlayStation today released its latest wave of games on its PS Plus subscription service. This bunch, which is exclusive to the Extra and Premium tiers, includes a variety of premium titles such as Devil May Cry V, Life is Strange (and prequel Before the Storm) and Back 4 Blood. All games are available on the service starting today.

The Extra-tier games include the aforementioned titles, as well as fighting title Dragon Ball FighterZ, adventure title Jett: The Far Shore, action-explorer Just Cause 4, puzzler Omno and FMV thriller title Erica. PlayStation also offered a two-hour trial of The Last of Us Part 1 to PS Plus subscribers during the premier of the television adaptation’s premiere on HBO Max.

This update’s Premium-tier update is smaller than it’s been in previous months, with just three classic PS1 games on the list. These are stealth title Syphon Filter 3, sports title Hot Shots Golf 2 and arena title Star Wars Demolition. PlayStation appears to have settled into a more conservative offering for Premium subscribers — in previous months it offered so many games that there was barely space to list all of them.

It seems that PlayStation is embracing the existing template for PS Plus in the new year. Following last year’s Spartacus update, the service begins to looks more and more like major competitor Xbox Game Pass. Sony continues to add older titles to its top-tier-exclusive library. I wonder whether offering even one to Essential-tier subscribers would be a more appealing carrot.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz