Pixel 7 series: Guided frame to Unblur, details of Google’s camera upgrades

The Pixel 7 series are now available for purchase in India on the e-commerce platform Flipkart. Announced earlier this month, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are priced at Rs 59,999 and Rs 84,999, respectively. The phones were initially available for pre-orders in India with introductory limited-period cashback offers of Rs 6,000 on the Pixel 7 and Rs 8,500 on the Pixel 7 Pro. Besides, there Flipkart was offering select Google products at discounted price on the pre-orders. While the pre-order offers are now over, Flipkart is now offering instant cashback of up to Rs 15,000 to SBI card customers. Price and offers detail aside, here are details of the camera upgrades that the Pixel 7 series brings:

Real Tone

Google says the Pixel 7 series captures photos with accurate skin tones. The cameras on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are tuned based on the insights gathered from a dataset of 10,000 diverse portraits to make it inclusive.

Guided Frame

An accessibility feature, the guide frame for selfies is for blind people or people with low-vision. It helps users find a perfect angle for a selfie by guiding them with audio cues and haptic feedback.

Photo Unblur

A new addition in Google Photos, the Photo Unblur feature is exclusive to Pixel 7 series. It allows users to unblur the blurry pictures using Google Photos service. Importantly, it works even with photos clicked on a different camera.

Night Sight

With Tensor G2, the Pixel 7 series not just takes night light pictures quicker but also with better clarity and details. Google says its machine learning algorithms reduce the unwanted motion blur in low-light conditions, producing low light images with the same amount of clarity.

Cinematic Blur

It uses similar technology as portrait mode to blur the background in videos to keep the audience’s attention on the subject. On top, there is support for 10-bit HDR video in the Pixel 7 series.

Super Resolution Zoom

Super Resolution Zoom is available in both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. It crops in on the 50-megapixel primary sensor images to create 12.5MP photos at 2x zoom. Google says the picture clicked at 2x zoom is similar to what a 2x telephoto camera would capture, with low noise and high resolution.

Optical Zoom

On the Pixel 7 Pro, the new 48-megapixel telephoto camera kicks in at 5x zoom, and Super Res Zoom creates 12-megapixel photos at 10x, which look similar to 10x optical zoom camera. At 15x and beyond, users can take clear pictures with Zoom Stabilisation. At 20x, the Google Tensor G2 powers a new machine learning that increases the photo’s resolution, resulting in zooming photos up to 30x on Pixel 7 Pro.

Macro Focus

Limited to the Pixel 7 Pro, the macro focus feature uses the ultra-wide-angle lens to capture close-up shots (subject as close as 3cm).

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz