Philips Hue Bridge is now Matter certified

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The Philips Hue Bridge is now Matter certified. Although parent company Signify hasn’t announced anything yet, the Hue Bridge was published in the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter certification database early Thursday morning, just as the Matter launch event kicked off in Amsterdam.

The listing confirms that the Hue Bridge will support Matter with a software update. Once the firmware arrives, it will make “all existing and new Hue lights and accessories automatically Matter-enabled, too (except the Hue Sync Box and dial of the Tap dial switch),” reads the database listing.

Like Aqara, Ikea, and others, Signify will be leaning heavily on its bridge for years to come in order to help Hue device owners extract maximum value from their existing smart home setups. Even though Matter promises a future without such proprietary hubs, the reality for many smart home owners is that they’ll continue to be needed for a long, long time.

Signify had previously committed to updating the Philips Hue Bridge to Matter as close to the launch of the new smart home standard as possible. Stay tuned, as we’re expecting to hear more soon.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz