PGA launches mobile golf game for kids made with Niantic Lightship

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PGA announced a new mobile title today: PGA Jr League Safari Par-Tee, a golf game with animal avatars. It was created with Niantic’s Lightship tools. It’s currently available to download for free on iOS and Android.

The app, which is developed by Trigger, is a cartoonish golf sim aimed at kids and families. Players choose a cute animal to play as, and then hit a golf ball by dragging their finger across the swing to control the power and direction of their swing. It features a multiplayer component in which players can battle each other in 2v2 or 1v1. In addition to trying to get below par, the players have to deal with a variety of obstacles on their course.

I got the chance to see the app in action. It uses Lightship’s AR plane detection to set up the gaming area in the space around the player. It offers three separate biomes for players: Desert Dunes, Icy Flats, and Meadow. Each one offers challenges that use different kinds of golf clubs, to show younger players their purpose. Trigger also uses Lightship’s built-in networking features to sync players up on a common AR plane.

Trigger CEO Jason Yim said in a statement, “Gaming in the real world Metaverse is a core mechanic that can drive not only fun, but education, commerce, and even utility. We’re excited to partner with the PGA in building this mobile app and to help them achieve their goal of engaging with youth golfers through gamification and augmented reality.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz