Owo makes sleeves for its haptic shirt so your arms can feel sensations in VR

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Owo is taking the sense of immersion in virtual reality up another notch with its new Owo sleeves for its haptic shirt.

The Owo sleeves are a complement for its shirt which helps gamers to interact with their environment. The company made the announcement at the CES 2023 tech trade show in Las Vegas.

The idea is to make you feel not like an outsider looking in on what is happening, but a participant in the action. You can feel the haptic feedback on the sleeves when you engage in VR activities, like playing in a tennis match, casting a fishing line, or fighting with swords.

The Owo Sleeves let you feel haptic touch on your arms.

“Rather than passively experiencing the virtual world, your arms will receive every sensation and, if you want, move involuntarily, adding an immersive component to all virtual environments,” Owo said in a press release.


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You can interact with the environment moving freely thanks to our Bluetooth 5.2, totally wireless and with a battery that lasts up to eight hours. You can customize your Owo Sleeves to any design you like. All games compatible with the Owo Skin haptic shirt will also be compatible with the Owo Sleeves.

It is made out of flexible lycra fabric and weighs less than 6.34 ounces (180 grams).

Jose Fuertes started Wiemspro in 2015 to use full body electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) for fitness. The product debuted in 35 countries. Using that knowledge, Fuertes started Owo in 2019 to develop “sensations technology,” which allows the Owo Skin wearers to feel all kinds of touch sensations.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz