Overwatch 2 is temporarily disabling Mei to address a bug

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The scariest thing in Overwatch 2 right now isn’t the Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride event but a bugged Mei. Players, take heed and take heart: the demon of quick play, the terror lurking the ladder, the creature of comp is being temporarily disabled to address a glitch.

Mei’s Ice Wall ability works like a mobile map editor, allowing Mei to protect her team from an oncoming attack, bar enemies from an objective, or vault allies to an advantageous position with a well-placed wall. However, there’s a bug in Overwatch 2 that allows players to use the Ice Wall to reach places they aren’t supposed to reach. To address the issue, Mei will be unavailable until the next patch, due November 15th.

Mei is a character Overwatch fans have loved to hate. Do not let her smile or happy-go-lucky attitude or even her adorable helper-bot Snowball deceive you — that cherubic face disguises a terror that has haunted Overwatch until very recently. She frustrated players with her crowd control powers that allow her to freeze an enemy in place. And the ridiculous damage she could output with her alternate fire that shoots sharp icicles made her second only to Widowmaker in terms of sniping ability. She is one of Overwatch’s most frustrating characters to play against, so much so that one of the highlights in the history of the Overwatch League was when she was finally, albeit temporarily, removed from the hero pool (by a caster’s cat, no less).

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