Optimizely partners with Google Cloud to improve digital experience

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Today, Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider Optimizely announced it had entered into a multi-year agreement with Google Cloud. As part of the agreement, Google Cloud and Optimizely will coordinate a joint go-to market and sales execution strategy to develop digital-first marketing offerings to optimize the user experience for customers, and to collaborate on technologies including search optimization, AI and ML. 

As one of the leading DXP providers on the market, Optimizely offers enterprises and decision makers the capability to leverage AI and enable digital teams to offer tailored experiences to website visitors while gathering actionable marketing insights.  

Optimizely’s partnership with Google Cloud will open the door to a range of solutions they can use to enhance their customer’s digital experiences, while remaining operationally agile. 

Why we need for outsized digital experiences 

In a digital-first world, experiences are everything. Customers and users alike expect seamless online journeys that are optimized and engaging, otherwise they’re not going to engage with a brand. 

Research shows that 42% of consumers say that a seamless cross-channel experience is a top expectation, with 21% of consumers reporting that a slow website stops them interacting with a brand altogether. In short, marketers and brands need to offer an optimal experience to meet customer’s expectations. 

“Today’s marketers, especially those at enterprise companies, need to deliver optimal, outsized digital experiences and stay on the cutting edge of innovation,” Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, told VentureBeat. 

“To stay successful in the remote-work era, leaders must pivot operations digitally to remain agile and relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This includes access to end-to-end, cloud experimentation,” he said.

“We believe the future of business and marketing relies on a multi-cloud strategy, which Optimizely is fully committed to – this partnership with Google is another step toward that vision,” he said. “Working with multiple vendors gives customers access to more capabilities and services, more openness and will lead to the most successful for Optimizely and our customers as we continue leading the market in experimentation.” 

The new era of digital experiences 

Optimizely is part of the digital experience platform market, valued at $7.9 billion in 2019 and expected to grow to $13.9 billion by 2024, as more organizations seek out technologies like data analytics to better understand the needs of customers and improve the buyer journey. 

The provider is competing against a number of active competitors, such as Adobe with Adobe Experience Cloud, a digital marketing and analytics solution, which recently introduced new payment options, enabling customers to shop on mobile, and introduced the ability for users to use physical stores as pickup points, reaching a year-over-year revenue of $4.1 billion. 

Another competitor is Salesforce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based commerce platform which recently added new features to support ecommerce payments including a PayPal integration, and reported $21.25 billion in revenue last year. 

“What sets Optimizely apart is the technology. We offer a DXP that combines creation and optimisation, helping businesses tackle marketing using data and a scientific approach. Not gut instincts,” Atzberger said. 

“Our tools are based on data technology and connected artificial intelligence solution to enable digital teams to deliver individualized experiences for each and every customer while granting increased visibility into what content should be created, what experiments should be deployed, what will lead to better outcomes and the impact on the business.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz