Open-source platform ‘Home Assistant’ to get new voice assistant in 2023

Open-source smart home platform Home Assistant will get a new voice assistant next year, that will allow users to talk to the platform’s assistant without Google, Siri or Alexa.

The new assistant will allow users to control Home Assistant in their own language, Paulus Schoutsen, founder of Home Assistant, wrote in a blogpost.

The platform’s first priority is to support different languages as there are already many projects trying to create an English voice assistant.

Users must be “able to speak in their own language, as that is the most accessible and only acceptable language for a voice assistant for the smart home.”

“It’s a big and bold goal, but achievable given the right constraints,” Schoutsen said. The platform currently supports 62 different languages in its user interface (UI) and now it aims to support all these languages with voice.

“We’re going to limit the number of possible actions and focus on the basics of interacting with your smart home,” Schoutsen explained.




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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz