One Roar DENX45 truly wireless earbuds: Good audio quality with stylish metalling charging case

Truly wireless earphones are so common these days that it is becoming tough to find models that look different or have unique features.This is why the new DENX45 from Indian startup One Roar caught my attention. The One Roar DENX45 has a very stylish metalling charging case with its logo emblazoned on the top and a chrome finish band going around the edges.

The earphones are in plastic, again with the lion face branding on them. But what is different here is the LED screen on the front that shows the battery level of the charging case, something I have not seen before.

But for a new brand like One Roar, the proof of the pudding is in the audio quality. That is the real unknown that buyers will be anxious about. The DENX45 was a pleasant surprise on this front. This is no Sennheiser, but it seems One Roar has worked on ensuring a sound signature that is unique to their brand. The One Roar has a very different audio profile, one that is soft on the ears, with not too much bass and rich without being busy. Listening to A Love Song by Loggins and Messina, I felt like I was one a beach shack listening to a live rendition.

The vocals were very clear with the chorus and the instruments finding their space a layer behind the singer. Switching to  Pasoori, I could feel the bass amp up to where needed. But the profile was still rich without extra arrangements not overpowering the experience. But at high volumes, the bass booms a bit in your ears, almost coming out of the earbuds — a bit too much for the 6mm drivers to handle at times. For those who love to hear songs with a lot of bass, this might be something to work on — remember there is no app here to adjust your settings. In other words, the DENX45 is more of a Prateek Kuhad earphone and not really Rammstein material.

The call quality is good on both sides and there is no tunnelling sound that puts me off with a lot of the more affordable TWS devices. The battery lasts 55 hours and during the entire review period, I did not charge the device even once. However, one dampener is that this uses a micro-USB port to charge, something I feel is well past its time in 2022.

While the One Roar DENX45 has a box price of Rs 5,999, it is available on Amazon for Rs 3,700 making it a good value for money device for those who want good audio playback with style. This is certainly a brand you can consider, especially if you want to support Indian companies.


— Aluminium alloy 1000mAh charge case

— Total playback time of 60 hours

— IPX6 sweat and water resistant

— Passive noise cancellation with clear calls

— Noise reduction dual microphones

— Smart touch controls with voice assistant

— Automatic pairing with Mono and Stereo modes

— Estimated street price: Rs 3,700 on Amazon

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz