NY mayoral candidate Andrew Yang joins the metaverse with a Zepeto avatar

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When politicians embrace games and the metaverse, you know we’re obtaining someplace with mainstream recognition. And yesterday, New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang dressed up as a metaverse avatar at one of his events.

Yang donned a 3D animated avatar from Zepeto on Thursday evening to make an look in the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One. Zepeto is an early metaverse platform with more than 200 million lifetime customers, and 90% of its customers are Gen Z folks who are really hard to attain with classic media. Zepeto is the biggest avatar organization based in Asia, and the organization stated it is the quickest-expanding avatar organization in the world. Leaders in the entertainment and style business have partnered with it to attain Gen Z customers who socialize, entertain, and consume content.

Politicians and public figures have begun to embrace new technologies like video games, virtual spaces, and streaming services to attain broader audiences. During the 2020 presidential campaign, the Biden/Harris campaign designed a map on Fortnite. AOC became one of the most common Twitch streamers when she streamed Among Us last October. And Yang utilised a tech-savvy campaign approach of appearing as a hologram in 2019 as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Zepeto also has partnerships with Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Nike, and more. Yang’s conference, “A Night with Andrew Yang: Business, Art, and Tech” was a tiny occasion, but it marks an fascinating point in the history of the metaverse.

Asked what he believed about the creator economy, virtual worlds, and the metaverse, Yang replied, “I’m a big fan of virtual economies. I think it can be a path forward for a lot of New Yorkers and young people. New York City should be the creative capital of the world. I really want to take a big swing at improving millions of people’s lives here in New York, by getting buying power into their hands. And it’s going to be people like Rudy and folks in the cryptocurrency community that I think are a big part of it.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz