Nothing Ear (stick) hands-on: Five things these wireless earbuds roll about

UK-based consumer technology start-up Nothing recently unveiled the Ear (stick). Second product in its audio accessories line, the Ear (stick) wireless earbuds will be available for purchase in India on Myntra and Flipkart from November 17. The Nothing Ear (stick) boasts novel design, but there is more to the earbuds than its design. Below are five things that the Nothing Ear (stick) earbuds have going for them:

Unique charging case

The Nothing Ear (stick)’s charging-cum-storage case is fresh, novel, and unlike anything seen before. It is a cylindrical case with a rolling mechanism similar to conventional lipsticks. There is a cut-out on the case to pick the earbuds in open position. In a close position, the earbuds rest inside safely.

Transparent design

Like Nothing ear (1) (review) and Phone (1), the Ear (stick) boasts transparent design on both the case and earbuds. As for the upgrade, the Ear (stick) gets a red accent on some design elements such as the USB-C charging port on the case and next to the microphone on the right earbud. The red accent was available on the Ear (1) too, but it was not as generous and prominent.

Lightweight construction

The Nothing Ear (stick) are among the lightweight earbuds with each earbud weighing 4.4g, and case at 46.3g. With half in-ear design, the earbuds are comfortable to wear.

Press controls

Touch controls are good but press controls feel natural and are much more convenient. Thankfully, the Nothing Ear (stick) supports press controls — single press on either of the earbuds to play, pause, and answer/ hang up calls; double press to skip forward and reject calls; and triple press to skip backward. For volume controls, there is a press and hold function — left earbud to lower down the volume and right earbud to raise the volume.

Nothing X app

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Nothing Ear (stick) is supported by the Nothing X smartphone app. The app allows users to customise gesture controls, adjust EQ settings and access find my earbuds function.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz