No-code conversational sales solutions provider Whatslly gets $11M

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Whatslly, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company that offers enterprise-level conversational sales solutions for customer-facing interactions, today announced it has raised $11 million.

Whatslly provides a no-code plug-and-play solution that aims to enable companies to track interactions with customers and surface the insights at the right time. The solution is designed to allow companies to connect instant messaging products, such as WhatsApp, or direct-to-customer channels.

With instant messaging growing rapidly, allowing more customer-facing interactions to take place via WhatsApp, companies want to stop a large portion of their customer-facing interactions from happening outside the reach of their CRM systems. As more interactions happen outside a CRM system, sales reps have to manually input information to the CRM system rather than focus on closing deals.

Whatslly claims its AI-backed data processing features solve this problem by ensuring a more effective, enterprise-compliant personalized customer experience.

Enabling digital transformation through AI

Whatslly has no direct competition and is the first to bring enterprise-grade conversational sales solutions to the market, according to Whatslly’s cofounder and CEO, Yanir Calisar. While omnichannel chatbot solutions like YaloChat, TakeBlip, Twilio, and LivePerson are used for customer service purposes — especially when thousands of consumers contact a company daily, asking the same questions — Calisar says they aren’t considered competition.

Speaking on the company’s differentiation in the industry, Calisar told VentureBeat via email that while chatbot solutions serve consumers over WhatsApp and help to decrease the load on call centers, Whatslly is different because it covers the personal or business WhatsApp that salespeople are already using when chatting with customers.

Whatslly has competition in AI-based conversational sales platforms like, Outreach, and SalesLoft. However, the company says these platforms cover only the operational part of the sales process — enabling companies to boost their teams’ productivity and gain visibility into more traditional customer channels like video, webchats, emails, phone calls, and others.

“Today, customers expect a vendor’s representatives to be available on instant messaging channels of their choice and not be obliged to use what’s easy for the vendor to track and analyze. Since WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging channel, Whatslly plays an important part in this space. In the future, we plan to leverage AI to provide our customers insights and recommendations derived from the data,” said Calisar.

Representatives of companies like XP Investments, Toro, Telefonica, Volkswagen, Subaru, University of Ecuador, Wabi, and Skideal often use WhatsApp to communicate directly with their customers and to manage most of their sales cycles. Whatslly claims its solution is helping these companies improve customer experience by empowering them to have visibility into every customer chat that takes place over WhatsApp.

Bridging the gap between companies and customers

In a press release, Calisar noted that the company saw the opportunity of connecting to customers on WhatsApp early and developed a platform to solve a critical pain point for businesses across the globe.

“The disconnect between the universal popularity of WhatsApp and its utilization by businesses as a customer channel is really astounding,” said ​​Oren Zeev, founding partner at Zeev Ventures.

Zeev said Whatslly is the first comprehensive platform to bridge the gap between companies and their customers, enabling businesses to use the same powerful conversational sales features they rely on daily across social platforms.

“This will be the next big development in terms of customer relationships and is a win-win for customers and businesses alike,” added Zeev.

Calisar claimed that between 700 and 1,400 messages are being exchanged between sales reps and customers in Latin America (LATAM) every day— LATAM is one of Whatslly’s target markets. Companies are completely blind about these direct-to-customer interactions without Whatslly, and cannot make data-driven decisions nor optimize their sales process, Calisar said.

Expectations for 2022

This additional capital will allow the company to continue its rapid expansion, build on its first-mover advantage, and keep building the most all-inclusive conversational sales platform to date. The company also says this funding will help to accelerate its mission to transform customer relationships over popular instant messaging channels.

More specifically, the funding will help Whatslly do the following:

  • Grow its headcount in LATAM and Israel by five to eight times and increase revenue by five folds.
  • Develop more integrations with additional instant messaging channels and expand AI-based capabilities.
  • Open offices in several countries in LATAM.
  • Strengthen our partnership with Salesforce and local consulting firms.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz