Nintendo Switch gets folders 1,844 days after release

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Psychics feared this day would come. Nintendo has aligned its arcane arts to bring us the forbidden update: The Nintendo Switch now has folders. If your pets are acting strangely and you are currently experiencing unexplained weather patterns, now you know one possible explanation.

The new feature, which Nintendo calls “Groups,” enables you to bunch up games however you choose. You want to put all the Mario games together? You can do that. You want to annoy a friend and coworker by putting together a bunch of games that you personally think are better than Hollow Knight? Well, that’s your moral obligation.

Of course, this is Nintendo, so it’s not like the groups are front and center in the Switch UI. Instead, you have to dig for them in the “All Games” menu.

But once on that menu, you can have up to 100 groups. And those groups can contain up to 200 games.


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I just feel sorry for the Steam Deck. What is Valve gonna do now?

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz