Nickmercs signs multi-year sponsorship with Corsair

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Nickmercs, one of the best-known streaming personalities in shooter games, has signed a sponsorship deal with game hardware maker Corsair.

Nickmercs has an audience of over 15 million followers. And starting today he will exclusively play games with Corsair gaming hardware. I’ve regularly watched his skill with Call of Duty multiplayer games. When Warzone 2 launched last year, Nickmercs swept the field and won the first battle royale game on the Warzone 2 map.

Recognized industry-wide for his regular giveaways, blockbuster, 1,000-plus person live, community-first events, and immersive competitive series that puts followers in an esports pro’s chair, Nickmercs committed to supporting and elevating his MFAM (MERCS + Family).

Now he is collaborating with Corsair across their entire catalog of products in hopes of helping his followers improve their skills, performance, and enjoyment of gaming. The partnership extends his successful engagement with Corsair’s sub-brand, SCUF Gaming that started in 2016 – his longest-standing brand deal.


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He will play and stream exclusively using performance gaming gear from CORSAIR, elite controllers from SCUF Gaming, streaming hardware from Elgato, and gaming PCs from Origin PC.

Nickmercs with Corsair headset.

Beyond hardware exclusivity, the partnership includes substantial collaboration in product development, merchandising, and community activations. Nickmercs will educate Corsair on the needs of a semi-pro gamer and the emerging market for aspiring streamers to define the products bearing his name, and those across the exhaustive Corsair family of gaming products.

In a message to GamesBeat, Nickmercs said about Corsair, “I’ve been partnered within the Corsair family by working with SCUF Gaming for over seven years now, but never worked with them formally until now. We’ve grown to trust each other and that’s really what this is all about. I’m excited to elevate our relationship, help them better understand the streaming world, and introduce an already amazing catalog of gaming products to my community.”

Regarding making an impact for a big hardware company like Corsair, Nickmercs said, “No one knows streaming like me. I’m grinding through long, hyper-competitive broadcasts and know exactly what I need to win. That’s the difference. I’m helping Corsair upgrade its tech to help competitive personalities like me and my audience. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an aspiring professional, we’ve seen and done it all and I’m sure we’re going to do big things together.”

As for what the MFAM community should expect from this deal, he said, “Listen, we’re not just slapping a MFAM logo on a mouse and calling it a day. We’re going to work to introduce entirely new products that are made for players like me. Those who take competitive play seriously, are streaming their sessions and getting better. This is a real collaboration and I absolutely expect to contribute in big ways. I might even mess around and end up being their new CSO, Chief Streaming Officer.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz