New IT guidelines: Major social media firms share particulars, Twitter however to do so

Some big social media firms, such as Telegram, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Koo and Sharechat, have shared particulars of their chief compliance officer, nodal make contact with individual and grievance officer with the ministry of electronics and IT (Meity), displaying they are at least partly in compliance with the new guidelines for intermediaries which came into force on May 26.

Twitter, having said that, is nonetheless to submit a report of compliance with any element of the guidelines, official sources mentioned.

According to the sources, following the government came down heavily on Twitter on Thursday and accused it of undermining the country’s laws, the microblogging platform sent a communication late on Thursday evening, sharing particulars of a lawyer working in a law firm in India as its nodal make contact with individual and grievance officer. But the guidelines demand that these designated officers of the important social media businesses need to be workers of the enterprise and resident in India.

“Twitter has not yet sent the details of the chief compliance officer to the ministry,” the supply mentioned.

The government and Twitter have been at loggerheads with regards to the “manipulated media” tag provided by Twitter to some tweets on an alleged Congress toolkit used to target the Centre more than its Covid-19 handling.

Twitter had criticised the new IT guidelines, whilst also calling the Delhi Police’s check out to its offices earlier for the duration of the week as a type of “intimidation” and mentioned it was concerned about the “potential threat to freedom of expression”.

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In a letter issued to all important social media intermediaries, the government had sought details with regards to the app/web site falling inside the scope of a social media intermediary, particulars of a chief compliance officer, nodal make contact with individual, resident grievance officer and physical make contact with address in India.

The new guidelines mandate intermediaries like WhatsApp to determine the very first originator of messages deemed mischievous by government, whereas other people like Facebook and Twitter require to pull down unlawful content inside 36 hours of becoming flagged.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz