Netflix’s Resident Evil unleashes the zombie dog in latest trailer

It’s never good when the Umbrella Corporation decides to set up shop and convince locals that the company’s arrival isn’t something to be worried about. To their credit, most of the citizens of New Raccoon City in the latest trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Resident Evil series likely don’t know just how much danger Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) has put them all in.

Albert’s daughters Jade (Ella Balinska) and Billie (Siena Agudong) do, though, and the new trailer introduces them at a time when Umbrella’s working hard to keep the truth of what kind of work Wesker and the rest of its employees do. Though the Umbrella Corporation of the future sees itself as a different kind of pharmaceutical giant destined to save the world, most everything about the trailer suggests that the company hasn’t really changed all that much. Umbrella’s research may occasionally lead to medical breakthroughs that make people’s lives better, as the trailer’s faux commercials suggest. But the company experimentation’s still leading to the creation of mutant dogs and zombies, and its executives seem to still be holding meetings with holograms that may prove to be insane.

Hard as it is to suss out what the exact plot of the new Resident Evil is exactly, the trailer makes it out to be a gory return to the franchise’s survival roots with a splash of the lore from Sony’s films thrown in for good measure, which may be a recipe for success when Netflix’s Resident Evil debuts on July 14th.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz