Netflix’s newest game is a Hearthstone-style card battler

Netflix’s foray into the mobile gaming subscription market is showing no signs of slowing down. This week it added a pair of new titles to its service, a card-battling roguelike called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, and a hidden object game called Krispee Street. Both are available to download on iOS or Android free of charge if you’re already subscribed to the streaming service.

Arcanium follows an increasingly familiar template for Netflix’s mobile game releases, in that it’s a pre-existing title added to the subscription service. The game originally launched in early access on Steam back in 2020, where it currently boasts “Mostly Positive” user reviews. Its Steam listing describes it as an “open-world, single-player strategy card adventure” and fusion of the roguelike and deckbuilding genres.

Meanwhile, Krispee Street is a hidden object game that almost looks like a digital version of Where’s Waldo based on the webcomic Krispee. What’s On Netflix notes that it’s the fourth game from developer FrostyPop to release on Netflix since the service’s official launch last November.

With the release of the two titles, Netflix now has a dozen mobile games available to download and play free of charge as part of its subscription. It’s still probably not enough to warrant a subscription by itself, but they’re a neat addition, especially when all of them are free from annoying in-app transactions. If you’re already paying for a Netflix subscription, what have you got to lose?

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz