NCSoft reveals VARCO AI language models

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NCSoft announced today it’s launching a group of AI language models under the umbrella name VARCO LLM. It’s comprised of four language models, and generative AI services powered by those language models. Specifically, three of the generative AI services powered by VARCO are for improving efficiency in game development. According to the company, VARCO is an acronym for “Via AI, Realize your Creativity and Originality.”

The four VARCO large language models are classified as “Foundation, Prompt, Dialogue, and Generative models.” It’s launched “small- and medium-sized VARCO LLMs” in Korean, while English and bilingual versions will launch later. It eventually plans to power multiple AI-based projects with VARCO, including “digital humans, generative AI platforms, and conversational language models.”

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NCSoft also launched three VARCO LLM-powered generative AI services collectively called VARCO Studio. These include VARCO Art, a text-to-image generator; VARCO Text, a text-generation management platform; and VARCO Human, a digital human creation and management tool. The three services collectively are built to help streamline elements of game design and development.

Jehee Lee, NCSoft’s Chief Research Officer, said in a statement, “VARCO demonstrates the highest level
of performance among other Korean models of similar sizes available to date. NCSOFT will leverage VARCO to offer new original value and experiences in various domains as well as game content development.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz