Moogsoft improves cloud monitoring with Datadog integration

AIOps startup Moogsoft has improved its unified cloud monitoring platform for enterprises with a host of new features, including integration with its observability service Datadog.

The updates, according to a statement from the company, improve workflow automation and increase incident context, giving organizations using the platform a more holistic view of their systems as well as deeper actionable insights to diagnose and fix problems in real-time.

“Monitoring alone can’t move businesses forward if they don’t understand the context of what went wrong. Context achieved through observability helps customers make sense of data and illustrates how to prevent issues from happening again,” explained Adam Frank, Moogsoft’s vice president of product management and user experience (UX) design.

Advanced troubleshooting

Among its latest features, Moogsoft said it is bringing the ability to integrate Datadog events and metrics with its platform. This will allow customers to automatically adjust the integration query to pull only important metric points and meaningful alerts, helping them gain context to find potential incidents before they impact the business. Incidents in the platform will also automatically aggregate and duplicate the tags from alerts, allowing for the quickest path to remediation, the company added.

The solution can also be integrated with the Prometheus Alert manager to gain context about containers in one place and fix issues more quickly. Plus, it now comes with an enhanced Landing Pages solution, which gives an overview of features and answers questions that users might have about them.

This will ensure that users spend less time on the administration and maintenance of the platform.

Moogsoft’s integration enhancements

Among other things, Moogsoft has also pushed integration enhancements to reduce false positives and increase incident insights. As part of this, Telegraf integration will deliver automated anomaly detection, Splunk add-on will allow users to stream important events and send individual alerts, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and New Relic will bring performance alerts together with other application alerts.

The company also rolled out an update for the Zabbix and Pingdom integrations, making ingesting alerts into Moogsoft more transparent. This will allow users to know what’s impacting website performance and availability and whether it is an alert or a deeper problem, it said.

According to Research and Markets, the AIOps market was valued at $13.51 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow up to $40.91 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 21.05%.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz