Misfits Gaming Group launches $20M creator fund

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Misfits Gaming Group is announcing the launch of a $20M creator fund aimed at helping creators and influencers bring projects to life. The fund is specifically earmarked to provide the infrastructure so creatives can easily implement their ambitious and innovative projects.

Misfits is also announcing that QTCinderella, the popular streamer and creator of The Streamer Awards, is joining up. QTCinderella recently left TSM to work with Misfits on growing her events management company.

Misfits is creating custom-tailored solutions to the problems that come with these kinds of things. The Group is able to work on business ideas, like hardware, software and more. It can handle merchandising, either solely from the creator or in partnership with brands. It can also handle large scale content. Some examples include highly-produced television or streaming shows, events, live shows and conventions.

Projects galore

The Group is heavily involved in the creation of TubNet, a highly anticipated cross-platform Minecraft server. TubNet, when it launches, is aiming to provide a fun and engaging community space and exciting original content.

In addition to TubNet, Misfits is working with a number of other creators. Hikaru Nakamura, a chess Grandmaster and streamer from America, is teaming up with Misfits to make a chess themed show. It’s also working with Ranboo on another show, as well as a podcast with Aimsey.

“Any creator will tell you that once things start to click, this ride can really turn into a rocket ship. So many opportunities start not only accelerating toward you, but you now find yourself in a position to be more proactive in building a bigger vision for what you aim to create and accomplish,” said QTCinderella, in a statement to GamesBeat. “It can become a constant struggle to juggle what you’re currently doing that has started to build a following, while continuing to expand your capacity to execute on other interesting projects, so something like the Misfits Creator Fund becomes an interesting set of resources that can help provide creators with the tools and the team to more easily bring these ideas to life.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz