Microsoft reveals developer acceleration program for ID@Xbox

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Microsoft announced today it is launching a new program for its [email protected] publishing initiative. This developer acceleration program makes it easier for indie game creators to publish on Xbox. More specifically, the company hopes to bring more underrepresented creators to the platform using this program. It’s currently open for interested developers to apply by contacting Microsoft.

The acceleration program focuses on three areas to help developers get their games on Xbox: Porting, so the creators can release their games on multiple platforms easily; information, in the form of webinars about various release-related subjects; and prototypes, offering funding and support for small developers with interesting ideas to create prototypes.

According to Microsoft, the underrepresented creators it intends to help include “developers who are led by those from Black, Indigenous, Latino or LGBTQIA+ communities, women, developers with disabilities, developers from emerging markets or teams with unique perspectives. This also includes independent developers working on a game that responsibly centers the experience around diverse characters or that prioritizes accessibility.”

Microsoft also celebrated [email protected] at the Game Developers Conference, saying that in the 10 years it’s existed, the platform has brought more than 3,000 games to Xbox and paid over $4 billion out to developers. The company also added demos for 12 [email protected] titles to the Microsoft Store to celebrate the anniversary.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz