Microsoft begins to roll out ‘tabs’ feature in Notepad for Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that it is beginning to roll out the tabs feature in Notepad for Windows 11.

In December, 2022, a Microsoft employee had accidentally announced the tabs feature for ‘Windows 11 Notepad’ app by sharing a screenshot of Notepad’s internal version online, showing the app’s new tabs interface.

The company said this update will introduce support for multiple tabs — where users will be able to create, manage, and organise multiple files in a single Notepad window.

Moreover, users can also continue to work with files across multiple windows by dragging a tab out into its own window, and a new app setting lets you customise whether files open in new tabs or a new window by default.

With the update, users will also get new keyboard shortcut keys to support managing tabs as well as some improvements to managing unsaved files, like automatically generating the file name/tab title based on content and a refreshed unsaved changes indicator.

The tech giant further mentioned that the company is aware of a couple of issues that may impact users’ experience with this preview.

“Some users might encounter issues with certain keyboard shortcuts, and we will also continue to optimise performance to ensure Notepad continues to meet our high standards of performance, reliability, and compatibility,” Microsoft said in a blogpost.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz