Meta to stop releasing new software updates for Quest 1 VR headset

Meta is planning to stop supporting the original Quest VR headset with new software updates, and users using this older hardware will soon lose access to some social features.

Several users on Reddit and Twitter have posted screenshots of an email which mentioned that the company will stop providing new features to the Quest 1 and some features will be removed, reports The Verge.

However, the headset will be getting “critical bug fixes and security patches until 2024”.

The email also mentioned that the original Quests will keep working, but users will not be able to “create or join a party” and users “who currently have access to Meta Horizon Home social features will lose access to these features on March 5”.

Meanwhile, Meta said that it is adding some new moderation features to Horizon Worlds, the company’s virtual realityA(VR) social platform, as part of version 91.

For instance, if users violate the platform’s policies, they will now get a notification telling them what they did.

“With this added level of transparency, we hope to increase awareness of our policies, prevent repeated violations, and promote positive behaviour to keep our community safe,” Meta said.

The company also introduced ‘poll to remove’, a way to prevent people from spamming vote-to-kick dialogues, the report said.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz