Meta Quest introduces new feature to allow real-time heart rate tracking

Meta has introduced a new heart rate tracking feature and Health Connect by Android integration on Meta Quest, so that users can keep track of all their fitness statistics.

“One of the most-requested fitness features for Meta Quest has been heart rate tracking, so that you can easily see tangible and real-time results,” the company said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

With the new heart rate feature, users will be able to see their heart rate, when measured by a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, even while they are in a virtual reality (VR) workout.

When users pair a heart rate monitor to their headset, they will have access to better information about how their VR workouts are raising their heart rate.

“Heart rate monitors that can work with Meta Quest are the Garmin HRM-Dual and the Polar H10. Other heart rate monitors that use Bluetooth for pairing may also be pairable with your Meta Quest,” the company said.

Moreover, users can now sync their statistics to the Meta Quest mobile application, and those with Android devices can link and share information directly to Health Connect by Android

With the new update, users can keep track of all their virtual reality (VR) workouts and compile all their statistics in one place.

Meta had announced a similar integration with Apple Health in June last year.

Moreover, for a limited time, users will get the Elite Strap at no additional cost if they purchase a Meta Quest 2, which will help them to balance and support the headset, the company said.



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