Meta gets Keke Palmer to decipher the metaverse

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Meta has launched a video series to help explain the metaverse, and it has hired Keke Palmer as the host of the show called Are we there yet?

The “metaverse 101” video conversation is aimed at explaining the metaverse — which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pouring money into because he sees it as the next version of the internet — to regular people.

Meta describes it as part Bill Nye The Science Guy, part comedians in cars getting coffee. Each episode will showcase conversations between Palmer and various creators, artists, experts and more, as they travel through a future vision of the metaverse in a car and highlight the ways the metaverse will help us feel closer, be more collaborative, and be built by not just a few, but by all of us, Meta said.

Keke Palmer and Vishal Shah.

Episode one features an interview with Meta’s vice president of the metaverse, Vishal Shah. Shah and Palmer hop in our metaverse car and cover topics ranging from the interesting spaces in Horizon Worlds creators have already developed (e.g. comedy clubs, speakeasy’s, Yoga retreats and haunted houses), a rousing game of Now, Future, Never, and the ways artists and creators are already building immersive and social worlds beyond what’s been possible before.

The idea is to make this metaverse feel like it’s something coming just around the corner, rather than a far-off vision, and that regular people can make it happen.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz