Meta announces new video tab for Facebook; brings improvement to uploads

Meta announced a number of upgrades for video features on Facebook, including refined editing tools, the ability to upload HDR videos, and it replaced the older watch tab with a video tab.

The new editing tools will give users the option to add music, and filters to videos. Users will also be able to trim videos and add titles and captions.

The new video tab will allow users to find and watch videos on Facebook.

The company said the new video tab will appear soon on the shortcut bar.

Meta calls it “the one-stop shop for video on Facebook, including reels, long-form videos, and live content”.

According to Meta, the “video” option will be at the top of the Android app and at the bottom of the iOS version.

After the new upgrades, users will have the option to browse vertically through a “personalised feed” of videos with a separate reels section.

The company is also adding new editing options such as changing the speed of a clip, reversing it, or replacing it. Facebook is trying to make it easier to pick the proper audio track, and remove noise.

Meta said that it is the first of their endeavours to bring “true HDR video support” to all applications under the Meta banner. It is also reinforcing the links between its applications by allowing users to view or reply to comments on Instagram reels while accessing them on Facebook.

The company has been trying to make reels a more popular video format on Facebook and Instagram.

In March this year, Facebook increased the clip length limit for reels from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz