Meow Wolf, Anthos team for multi-cloud app management in art shows

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Meow Wolf’s work with SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner with multiple specializations, and its use of Anthos multi-cloud app management were featured in a spotlight session on immersive art experiences at the Google Cloud Next ’21 conference held online through October 14.

Meow Wolf is an American arts and entertainment company that creates large-scale immersive art installations and produces streaming content, music videos, and arts and music festivals. SADA is a cloud-computing consultant based in North Hollywood, California. Google Anthos is a next-gen, hybrid- and multi-cloud application management platform that aims to provide a consistent development and operations experience for cloud and on-premises environments.

Scalable, flexible multi-cloud app management

Known more for its work with enterprise clients, SADA is helping Meow Wolf design and apply solutions for its permanent multimedia installations, such as Omega Mart, now open in Las Vegas. Anthos fit Meow Wolf’s requirements for a modern cloud application that could be deployed on-premises to ensure low latency and fault tolerance.

The complex, always-on nature of Omega Mart required the scalable IT infrastructure Anthos offers. Anthos allows apps to run unmodified on existing on-premises hardware and many public clouds in simple, flexible, and secure ways.

“Anthos has helped us create a groundbreaking experience that immerses guests in a way that’s never been done before,” said Jordan Snyder, vice president of platform at Meow Wolf. “It gives us a ‘single pane of glass’ to monitor, maintain, and quickly push out app updates.”

Omega Mart, an interactive “supermarket,” is Meow Wolf’s second permanent art exhibition leveraging the hybrid cloud platform to run sensory installations.

Omega Mart, which opened in February, is an art installation billed as the world’s most surreal supermarket and sensory playground, featuring otherworldly displays, hidden portals, immersive art experiences, and shelves stocked with peculiar products. With live, interactive displays that can be accessed via RFID-powered Boop Card readers, shoppers become part of the experience.

“It’s exciting to know that technology like Anthos can be applied to bring artistic visions to life in new and creative ways,” said Miles Ward, CTO at SADA. “Omega Mart is one of many amazing ways to apply Anthos technology.”

“SADA has been instrumental to this process, from helping us conceive the technical solutions to tackling various hurdles along the way,” Snyder said.  SADA’s consultants worked with Anthos and helped Meow Wolf design and apply solutions to meet Omega Mart’s needs. He added, “Their guidance, expertise, and support helped make the launch of Omega Mart a huge success.”

Anthos is now used to host Meow Wolf’s applications and various installations that capture customer interactions with the various Boop and computer stations, which facilitate the interactive gameplay element of the experience and drive the exhibit’s story. Since the opening of the exhibit, SADA has continued to provide technical account management and support.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz