Meme Marketing: What it is and How to do Meme Marketing

Memes have become part of the daily life of people connected to the Internet and have become a key element in communication between companies and users, leading to the birth of meme marketing. 

And this trend continues to grow. Memes can generate up to 60% organic participation, while traditional marketing posts only generate 5%. So if you’re not already using memes in your social media marketing strategy, now is the time to do so. I will tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is meme marketing

Meme marketing is a technique by which companies take popular memes and adjust the texts to align with their brand without ceasing to be funny and keeping their original characteristics.

Memes can be used in different formats:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • gifs
  • Image reel, etc.

Meme marketing can be a very powerful tool. Knowing how to put it into practice can help brands meet their objectives from an entertaining and fun perspective for their audience. 

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Advantages of meme marketing

Meme marketing has many benefits for companies and businesses. Next, I will tell you about the most important ones so that you decide to take the definitive step.

1. Little effort and many rewards

Memes are already on the InternetInternet and circulating at high speed, so you just need to identify the most popular ones and think of a way to relate them to your products and publish them edited.

You can make just a couple of changes to the original memes, or if you prefer, create your own from scratch with the help of a powerful meme maker. This could give you a plus. Meme marketing really requires little effort and the rewards it can grant are high since these graphics are well accepted and allow you to better connect with your audience, especially the more or less young ones.

2. Win over younger audiences

Memes are indisputable keys to attracting younger audiences through social networks. Millions of young people send and share memes all week, which can help you reach a higher level. You just have to know exactly what kind of memes to make to win over your audience and broaden your horizons.

3. Better connection between brand and audience

These graphics are characterized by being funny, which is why well-applied meme marketing can make your audience spend an entertaining time while on your blog or your social networks. Use this to your advantage.

You have many possibilities to increase your brand’s engagement because this type of content is usually shared or commented on social networks. 

4. Sense of community

Yes. Memes unite and create community. Creating a sense of community among followers can take a long time, but everything indicates that meme marketing is one of the most effective techniques to achieve it.

Its informal and attractive nature helps a lot so that your audience feels more confident when interacting with this type of post, which also allows for greater communication between the members of your community. 

How to do meme marketing

Just like other types of marketing, meme marketing needs certain elements in order for it to work effectively. It’s not about you becoming a meme-creating machine, and it’s about always having a purpose behind it so that the time invested pays off. Do you want to know the meme marketing practices and implement this strategy? I will tell you how to do meme marketing in simple steps. 

1. Know your audience

You first have to identify and get to know your audience in depth so that you can create messages with which they feel identified. It is not enough to be creative. You have to hit right on target. Meme marketing requires a strategy and organization, so first, see what type of audience you are going to target and later, you can define the type of memes to generate. 

Keep in mind that doing marketing for Twitter is not the same as for Facebook. The Twitter audience prefers informational and news content, while on Facebook, there is a younger audience, where surely the fun can work. 

2. Define the tone of your brand and adjust it to the memes

When you have defined your audience, you have to select the most appropriate memes and align them with the tone and style of your brand. The main characteristic of memes is that they are related to social, emotional and satire, but any brand can use them. There are memes for every type of audience. You just need to be creative. 

This point is crucial because it is not about taking all the memes and doing marketing. You have to be strategic and always maintain an ad hoc tone with the brand. Be careful to choose ideas and topics that truly relate to your niche or what you offer in your business.

3. Create a repertoire of memes

Having defined the above, it is time for you to build a repertoire or a library of memes to start a meme marketing plan. There are two ways to do this: using existing materials (templates) or creating them from scratch.

For the first option, there are many websites, like Giphy, where you can find different formats of web images, gifs, and videos to create memes. Take the time to select all the options you can get the most out of within your business and your strategy. If you decide that the second path is better, you will need to spend more time and be more creative, but it could also have better benefits. 

Original memes give you the ability to go viral more quickly if you’re smart. However, you have to think of images that captivate your target audience and make them feel identified with your brand. Whatever the option, always plan the memes and select a style for them (typography, texts, emojis, colors, etc.).


Remember that there is a big difference between posting memes to grow your brand and simply sharing them to make your community laugh. This is exactly where meme marketing comes into play: you have to know how to take advantage of this to push them through your funnel. 

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